Content Services


Content Services covers content strategy and content production. Both these Content Services are targeted at digital media, from web and intranet to CMS, and at digital devices, from smart phones to tablets to computers.

Content strategy is about knowing what you want the visitor to take away after visiting your content. That tells you where to place the different parts of your content in order to ensure that the user experience satisfies the user’s needs. Read more about Content strategy below.
Content production covers everything from defining the target groups and the purpose of the content throught managing a production project to writing the copy. We do content production in English ourselves and in Swedish through our associates. Read more about Content production below.


More about Content Strategy

You have to know what you want a visitor to understand and take away with them. And you have to understand that they will want to jump around without limits.

So, you should plan one or two journeys that a visitor can easily follow and that will give them something specific. And you need to provide intuitive and user-friendly links and relationships throughout your content to help those not taking your planned journeys.

Above all, you need to create a useful and entertaining experience for those who visit your content. We can help you with all of this.


More about Content production

We can produce content for, for example:

  • Website copy
  • Mobile device copy
  • Presentation copy and speaker notes
  • Printed material copy
  • Scripts for voice-overs and the actual voice-over