Language Services


Language Services cover translation, proofreading and review as well as abstraction.

We do translation in these language pairs and at these rates per word:

  • Eng – Swe, 1:50 SEK
  • Swe – Eng, 2:15 SEK
  • Esp – Swe, 2:15 SEK
  • Swe – Esp, 2:15 SEK
  • Esp – Eng, 2:15 SEK
  • Eng – Esp, 2:15 SEK

We deal with texts in a wide range of subjects, from IT to medical to academic. See some of our customers here.

We proofread and review in English only.

We do abstraction, i.e. creating a brief summary of a longer text, also in English only.

We charge an hourly rate for these services, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.